About paid shooting

About paid shooting
In Tokyo Tama Intercity Monorail, we provide the station yard and the chartered train as shooting location.
We are distinguished for view along the line as there are abundant locations of commercial areas and residential area, scenery, riverbed filled with greenery and runs high place.
As movie and CM, steel shooting are available depending on various situation, please feel free to contact.

Introduction of shooting place

1. The station yard

  1. (1)In the station yard, shooting using the neighborhood of wicket or home, stairs is possible. (there is station limit)
  2. (2)Shooting that detained shooting and vehicle which chartered home of one side numbered wire by time is possible at the starting station and the terminal.

Taking picture of station yard

2. The chartered train

  1. (1)We charter vehicle of four 1 formation, and taking picture of getting on and off scene at the traveling inside of car and station is possible.
  2. (2)It travels from the starting station to the terminal in one-way approximately 36 minutes and can view scenery of Tama from the car window, and the sun is good because we run high place, and the inside of car becomes bright, too.

3. Recommended shooting spot along the line

  1. (1)We match with shooting in our private railway line, and shooting at spot along the line is often performed.
  2. (2)We introduce below recommended spot along the line for one. In addition, please confirm to each manager about application about shooting.
    • Tamagawa-Josui Station : Tamagawajosui city park
    • Tachikawa-Kita Station : Commemorative park of the Showa era
    • Shibasaki-Taiikukan Station : Tachikawa Park root river city park
    • Shibasaki-Taiikukan Station - Koshu-Kaido Station : Tama River riverbed
    • Manganji Station - Takahata-Fudo Station : Asakawa riverbed
    • Takahata-Fudo Station : Takahata God of Fire
    • Tama-Dobutsukoen Station : Tama animal park

About rate

1. Base rate

43,200 yen (until three hours)

  • It takes excess rate of 10,800 yen every excess afterward for one hour.
  • Depending on scale of shooting, we may add the call number of people by our judgment. Additional charge of 5,400 yen incurs every one addition per hour on this occasion.
  • Rate takes an extra charge 5 on after 22:00 and Saturdays and holidays.

2. Shooting with chartered train

106,400 yen (it includes base rate. Service of one-way approximately 36 minutes)

  • Service of train is available for the use by roundtrip depending on shooting contents and shooting time, too.
  • As for the amount of money mentioned above, additional charge incurs on the round-trip use or vehicle custody for chartered train fare by one way separately.

3. Can photograph; time


4. Reference rate (an example)

(1) When we photograph in the station yard for two hours.

43,200 yen (only as for the base rate)

(2) When we perform getting on and off scene shooting and shooting running in the car at station home.
(include service time three hours)

43,200 yen (base rate) +63,200 yen (chartered train fare) = 106,400 yen

※Shooting rate mentioned above is one case. Rate fluctuates by shooting contents.

5. Others

As the rate mentioned above is one case, and rate fluctuates by shooting contents and day, at first please refer.

Terms of Use

1. About application

  1. (1)We would like application within four weeks before shooting hope day.
  2. (2)On application, you fill in "shooting permission request book" with shooting contents, and apply for document (proposal, storyboard) which production contents know from the following application form after attachment.
    Application foam is this
  3. (3)We do not admit shooting in any of each next clause about shooting contents.
    • Against public order and morals, it is detrimental in social morality.
    • We might affect station service duties and train scheduling duties.
    • We might injure facility.
    • Contents which harm image of us and railroad remarkably.
    • When we judge the contents to be inappropriate.

2. Shooting observance matter

  1. (1)Please adhere rigidly to shooting time and shooting condition.
  2. (2)We prohibit act and shooting to disturb traffic of passenger and station user remarkably without permission.
  3. (3)We prohibit principle, shooting in operating train.
  4. (4)Please obey instructions of the person in charge and person of shooting call.
  5. (5)Please do not deviate from prior meeting contents with our staff.
  6. (6)When there are condition violation and fact, we cancel shooting.
  7. (7)The damage that occurred to us and third party on shooting, please repair all expenses to be concerned with. Please join liability insurance as needed.
  8. (8)We do not suffer compensation of the damage that we in this way occurred about shooting cancellation when we judged that the person in charge has difficulty with shooting continuously by condition violation or railway accident, natural disaster.
  9. (9)On this homepage, we introduce shooting contents as the order results.


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