Contract information

In Tokyo Tama Intercity Monorail, we establish constant participation qualification requirements about some construction to make a contract from point of view securing more transparency, competitiveness of contract system and the fair nature from 2017 and carry out "hope type contract on the tender by specified bid system" to gather applicants beforehand, and to carry out as trial. We extend range of target item from 2018 and continue trial.
In application for participation, please submit model contract on the tender by specified bid participation application (the style second) desired, other necessary documents after checking qualification requirements to designated place.

→Official regulations concerned are this

1, item which we are publishing now

There is no exhibited contract information now.

2, contract result

Contract result, please identify this.
※We announce contract result of the year concerned about items more than constant sum in accounting period in the next fiscal year.

3, official regulations concerned