Takahata God of Fire

  • Takahata-Fudo Station

Access, the location

From Takahata-Fudo Station a 5-minute walk

733, Takahata, Hino-shi, Tokyo


Inquiry: 042-591-0032

The details, inquiry

    Official name is House of status Takahata, Motoyama King Yamaake Kongoji according to Shingon Buddhism intellect mountain group. We are cited in one of Kanto three Ofudo and are got close as Takahata God of Fire. jikakudaishienjin fixes this ground for hallowed ground by Imperial prayer of the Emperor Seiwa early in the Heian era 1,100 years ago and erects Fudodou in mountains and begins though we enshrined Acala.

    Event along season such as hydrangea Festival, chrysanthemum Festival, maple Festival is carried out, and many people come through the year because it is family temple of Toshizo Hijikata.

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