About proximity construction along monorail

Trolley wire which high pressure electricity (direct current 1,500 volts) spreads in is installed in rail (orbit figure) which Tokyo Tama Intercity Monorail runs. When construction equipment nears this, electric shock accident and setsushajiko might occur and are very in danger. In addition, we may affect monorail service depending on work contents even if it is construction out of the road. Furthermore, there may be adverse effects in props when we dig road surface bottom. When you construct along the line, for accident prevention, please connect with us over form or telephone by all means as follows.

Flow after application

HP form input

Tama monorail will inform the construction person in charge.

・Communication of the date and time of meeting
・Request of detailed drawing of construction point and construction letter of advice presentation

We meet in the Tama monorail head office and make arrangements

・Confirmation of presentation documents, construction letter of advice, cross section, postscript thing, others (it becomes construction contents, and necessary drawing changes) of attachment
・Having initial charge or not
・Adjustment of construction time

... to


Applicant information

Company name (less than 30 characters)

Phone number (less than 14 characters)

Input example: 042-526-7800

Person in charge name (less than 30 characters)

E-mail address (less than 100 characters)

Input example: aaa@tama-monorail.co.jp
Use, please set address of cell-phone to receive domain of "tama-monorail.co.jp".

Please input for confirmation once again

Construction contents (less than 1,000 characters)

Input example: Transference of telephone pole

Construction contents (possible placement ground plan attachment)

You can upload placement ground plans. (jpg,png,gif,pdf)

Construction address

Construction address (map)

Construction period

Input example: From May 12, 2018 to June 15

Construction area

Construction machine parts invade, and please tell worked area. (multiple answers allowed)

Prop number to approach or station building name

May construction machines be included in less than 5m from trolley wire?

Having heavy industrial machine work or not

Having stake construction or not

Use planned heavy industrial machine

When construction machines turn over, may you contact monorail, prop, station building?

Manager for construction

Other Important Notices (safety measures)

Meeting possibility day

Being careful and request