About nationwide approach of "station of the child 110th" by railway company

Recently crimes that aimed at child in going and returning of school occur frequently and make the world feel uneasy.
Because it is social problem to protect child from such a damage, and approach to prevent crime with the whole area is important,
In association of Japan Non-Government Railways Association, Kanto Railway, we have already wrestled in railway company of Kansai area and some Kanto District. We will start this time because we promote approach of "station of the child 110th" by combination of nationwide a lot of railway companies nationwide to contribute to security, reliable community improvement more, and security contributes to reliable community improvement more.

When child rushes into station so far, based on this, we give a necessary response in us, but we participate in this nationwide approach and protect child and customer from danger and will wrestle so that security uses Tama monorail in peace more.

With "station of the child 110th"

It is dash station for station employee to protect child who uses station by attending school from crime. In addition, in station except designated station, I would like understanding according to until now as station employee gives an appropriate response so that child and customer can use security in peace.

Designated station of "station of the child 110th"

Tama center, Takahatafudo, Tachikawa north, Tamagawajosui

Start time

From April 1, 2006

Notice relations

We notify whole country unification sticker of "station of the child 110th" in point that it is easy to look at of the neighborhood of station office of designated station or wicket. (national general sticker of "station of the child 110th" designation station)
Elevator check plan