Tama monorail delay certificate issuance

Delay certificate

In the use of delay certificate

  • At issuance of this certificate object time, we do with service time from first train to the last train.
  • When service of Tama monorail is almost late more than ten minutes, we issue this certificate.
  • We publish this certificate according to time of "17:00 - last train" for "from 10:00 to 17:00" at "first train - 10:00".
  • "17:00 - last train" places information the next day at after 9:00 after 17:00 for "from 10:00 to 17:00" after 10:00 at "first train - 10:00".
    (by the service situation, the publication time may be mixed up.)
  • The delay time of delay certificate may be different from the real service situation.
  • During our certificate notice period, we do with seven days from after generation day.
  • This certificate proves the delay time of maximum that occurred by Tama monorail and does not prove the delay time of individual trains. In addition, customer does not prove that it was taken.
  • We prove only delay of our train, and this certificate does not prove that it repairs the damage that occurred to customer by delay.